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general rules;

To play you must sign up (check the user info for current link). Once the first challenge entry post is closed for the current round you may no longer sign up (see schedule).

We suggest that you join and friend the community to keep up on the goings on. This is not required, merely suggested.

Please check the round schedule for posting dates and dealines. Challenges go up on Monday, and close on Friday, with voting on Saturday and Sunday, followed by results and the next challenge on Monday.

Each challenge we will provide a high quality image, images, or a theme. Please read each challenge's rules carefully, as there may be specific requirements for any given round.

Generally, you may use any effects, stock images, blending, brushes, textures, etc. Animation is not allowed.

This is a Last Icon Maker Standing Challenge. We are voting off the worst icon(s) each week. When voting, use the form provided. You must give a reason for voting icons off and you also do need to give a reason for your favorite icon.

Votes are weighted, so make sure to vote in order. For examples:

Least favorite in order
45: bad coloring
17: the crop makes the subject appear deformed
22: muddy colors, and blurry image

05: gorgeous coloring, nice text

Icon #46 will get -5 points, icon #17 will get -3 points, and Icon #22 will get -1 point. Icon #5 will get +5 points. If your icon receives both least favorite votes and favorite votes, they will cancel each other out. The icon makers will the least amount of points in each challenge will be eliminated.

Remember: You cannot vote for yourself.

Eliminated contestants may still participate in the voting process until the end of the current round. They are welcome and encouraged to participate in the next round.

bullet points;

Entry Rules
LJ standards apply (no more than 100x100, or 40kb, must be .jpeg .gif or .png)
Only one icon per contestant.
Entries must be original for this challenge.
You must use the image provided (unless otherwise noted).
Stock images, brushes, textures, etc, are all allowed (unless otherwise noted).
No animation, no fan art.
Curse words are generally discouraged to keep this a work safe community. You may substitute asterisks or symbols to imply curse words. (i.e. B*tch, F#@!, etc.) It is not our intent to censor, but to encourage a family and work friendly community. If you are unsure if a certain word would be considered a curse word or if you would like a moderator to review your icon for vulgarity please leave a comment here or to the entry post.
No nudity (omplied sex, or implied sexual relations are okay).
Questions regarding the challenge should be left on the main challenge post.

You may not use or post your icon before voting is closed.
The deadline is posted in the challenge (be prompt, reminders may or may not be posted or emailed).
If you do not post an icon by the deadline, a bye will be used for you, if you do not have any more byes left, you will be disqualified.

Signing Up
Check the user info for a link to the most current round sign up.
Once Challenge One is closed, you may no longer sign up.

The Bye (or Skip)
When you sign up you receive one bye.
Check the user info for a link to the current bye list.
To get an extra bye, you can pimp the community (check the bye list for more information)
The max number of byes you can have is 2(automatic/pimp).

Winning Immunity
Winning 'Voter's Choice' in a challenge provides you immunity in the next challenge. This means that even if you get the worst score, you cannot be eliminated for that challenge.
Immunity for Voter's Choice will continue up until the final three.

Questions Regarding The Community
Check FAQ - click here
Contact Mods - click here
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